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Community Portals

Restassured has developed a fully managed Community Portal for growing communities across Australia.

Our customised portal will tie in the key applications you need to engage your community and provide two directional information.

Beyond an informative website we will create a portal with your own look and feel based on selected membership criteria.

You will benefit from:

  • Fixed price packages
  • Fully managed support
  • A range of options and applications
  • Ongoing review and regular updates
Non-members will be able to access:
  • Multiple enquiry forms
  • Consumer information
  • Contact details
  • Other information you require

Your members will be able to access any or all of the following based on your needs:

  • Community groups page linking to selected Facebook pages, engaging your users within their comfort zone.
  • Business to business directory showcasing businesses within your local community.
  • A document library creating a unique resource centre for your members.
  • Document storage for committee meeting information and other member information.
  • Upcoming events directory and online booking system, imagine a simple way to register for your next AGM.
  • Online training module for new members, induction programs to educate members and assist you in meeting your legal requirements.
  • Discussion board with moderator format
  • Issue management and ticketing system for maintenance and customer service enquiries
  • Communication distribution such as newsletters and alerts.